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The Dan Plan Revisited – How to Overcome Adversity in Golf & Life

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Three years ago Golf University and Golf Getaway CEO Andrew McCombe invited Dan McLaughlin from to co-host a few episodes of Golf Getaway on the Gold Coast.

At the time Dan was 5 years and 6400 odd hours into an incredible quest to test the 10 000 hours of  Success Theory made famous in the book The Outliers – by Malcolm Gladwell.

When commencing the Dan Plan, Dan had never picked up a golf club and was suddenly dedicating over 8 hours a day to golf practice – incredibly he spent the first month Putting for 8 hours a day from one-three foot from the hole – simply amazing dedication… Read More

The Fastest and Easiest Way to Improve Your Golf

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As CEO of Golf Getaway and Golf University I’m constantly exposed to a lot of great information from world class golf coaches and because of this I’m often asked by social golfers about the number one piece of advice that would help them improve their game.

Obviously there is more than one way to skin a cat – so rather than giving my thoughts on any specific mental, physical and technical tips I prefer to ask them the following five questions.

If implemented correctly these five questions will help anyone with their golf improvement, regardless of their playing ability.

Here are the questions:

Read More

Golf in the Vines

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Golf Getaway The Vines

After a smooth flight to Perth from Sydney I grab the hire car and drive 30 minutes up the freeway into the famous wine region of Perth – the Swan Valley (atleast they call it a freeway, more like a country road it was that quiet) to one of Australia’s top Golf Resorts – The Vines Resort and Country Club. Read More

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