Golf Getaway provides Golf and Non-Golf advertisers (wanting to position their product or services in front of the Golf Market) a unique, modern, powerful and cost effective marketing solution to complement their existing marketing strategies.

Golf Getaway is:

Australasia’s only golf / travel show,

Broadcast three times per week to over 120 000 passionate golf tourists on One HD,

Shown three times per week and is re-run up to four times within a one year period, which means each episode is shown up to twelve times in total to a passionate golfing audience.

Golf Getaway provides:

Brand Awareness and Exposure opportunities throughout each episode, presenter, website, social media and newsletter of the series, including;

  • Multiple logo placements
  • Multiple product placements
  • Possible Advertorials
  • Competitions to build database
  • Special Offers

Knowledge, Following and Reputation to the affluent golf market, via;

  • The television series,
  • The online and inflight syndication of the episodes,
  • The Golf Getaway website, social media and database promotion and engagement
  • The allocation of all produced episodes and advertorials for your company’s marketing purposes, platforms and distribution partners’ platforms.
  • Co-branded Golf Days / Tours / Functions

Ultimately leading to …

  • Increased Lead Generation
  • Cost effective Customer Acquisition

Golf Getaway can also create tailor made advertisements for your Golf or Non Golf Related Product or Service.

If you would like to put your brand in front of the typical Golf Getaway Viewer who is:

  • A passionate golfer (verging on addict) and frequent traveller
  • Aged 25 – 65 years old, corporate viewer
  • 87% of viewers are aged over 25 years
  • 80% of viewers own their home or are paying off their home
  • Male: 78.6%
  • 31% are AB Demographic
  • 53.6% are ABC demographic
  • Average household income of $110 000…