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The Best Nutrition For Golf

By April 26, 2017December 19th, 2020Blog, Golf

What you eat can drastically affect your golf game.

As you are probably already aware good food gives you energy, and junk food wears you out.

As part of Golf University’s weekly “Tip from the Pro” I videoed internationally renowned strength and conditioning coach, Alani “Storm” Mala at Riverside Oaks Golf Resort, Sydney, Australia, where he teaches us:

• How sugary snacks and beverages cause fatigue
• What the best thing is to drink while golfing


  • The best way to pick nutritious foods that will keep you energized throughout your game

Which will ultimately…

  • Prevent you from getting tired, feeling thirsty, or losing energy while on the course.

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Until next week

To the green in regulation!

Andrew “Mirror” McCombe

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