How To Eliminate The Slice

By August 12, 2016Blog, Golf

Slicing the driver is a common problem among a lot of golfers.

As part of Golf University’s weekly “Tip from the Pro” I videoed David Milne the two time PGA Teacher of the Year and co-coach of the Indonesian Team at Joondalup Golf Resort, in Perth, Australia,where he teaches us:

  • A drill to help eliminate the slice
  •  To go against our natural tendency to compensate by aiming way to the left

And …

  • An exercise we can do in our backyard to improve our swing with the driver

Which will ultimately…

  • Allow us to hit a lot straighter, longer and more consistently off the tee.

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To watch the “Tip from the Pro”  CLICK HERE

Until next week.

To the green in regulation!

Andrew “Mirror” McCombe

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