Meadow Springs – The Kingston Heath of the West

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Within 2 minutes of being at Meadow Springs Golf and Country Club, in Mandurah Western Australia I’ve nicknamed it “the Kingston Heath of the West”.

A massive expanse of undulating land greets me with fairways sprawling out from the clubhouse (similar to Kingston Heath) and instantly I feel the passion for golf ignite. It’s 7am in the morning and I am inspired already!

Today I’m playing with Scott Procter the General Manager – and other than the superintendent there is no better man to show me around.

Meadow Springs was designed by Robert Trent Jones Junior 25 years ago and since its inception 40 000 trees have been hand planted to create a bush and parkland masterpiece.

Every hole is unique in it’s own right but distinctly Trent Jones Jnr – with massive greens and even bigger bunkers. Some holes even have “moon bunkers” a unique circle bunker set underground with perfectly manicured grass right up to the edge.


Playing at Meadow Springs is like playing on an old English style golf course, the trees and bunkers frame up every hole perfectly from the tee and while there is a lot of room off the tee, you still have to play it smart. The size of the greens here means four putting regularly is not out of the question.

Breaking out of the bushland mould are the 8th and 9th holes. The 8th is a 160 metre par 3 cut in half from the tee by water on the left and a creek running through the front – you really have to commit to your shot on this hole.


The 9th a 396 metre par 4 – the hardest hole on the course – there’s water all the way down the right – two massive aiming bunkers on the left and a huge swale short left of the bunker guarded green – oh and it’s long – this hole is not for the faint hearted!

My favourite hole would have to be the finishing hole –a 460 metre par 5. From the tee you are tested with a 90 degree tree-lined dog leg left and if you get through that a spine of connected bunkers line the middle of the fairway up to the green.



I am a visual person so for me the combination of trees and bunkers will set me off every time but the biggest stand out for me at Meadow Springs is the quality of the course conditioning – the superintendent and his staff deserve all the credit they can get for one of the most immaculately presented golf courses in Australia. Even the rough was perfect and would put many resort style golf courses to shame.

Thanks Scott for a great day out at Meadow Springs – the quality of the golf courses in Western Australia continue to blow me away – I can’t wait to come back.

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Written by Andrew “Mirror” McCombe

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