How To Improve Your Flexibility For Golf

By June 3, 2016Blog, Golf

Flexibility is a very important yet under appreciated aspect of golf.

If you’ve hit a plateau with your game, working on your flexibility might just be the way to get those extra 15 metres.

This week, rather than a golfing pro, I filmed professional trainer Alani “Storm” Mala at the Taylormade Performance Lab at the Melbourne Golf Academy, where he teaches us:

  • The importance of range of motion in ourjoints
  • How flexibility impacts on strength and power, as well as reducing the chance of injury

And …

The best stretches for improving flexibility in areas that specifically help with golf

Which will ultimately…

  • Get us closer to executing that perfect golf swing

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To watch the “Tip from the Pro”  CLICK HERE

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Until next episode.

To the green in regulation!

Andrew “Mirror” McCombe

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