Great Golf on the Mornington Peninsula

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Everyone tells you how much Victorians love their sport. I mean chances are even this year’s Boxing Day test against The Poms will be full. So I guess I shouldn’t have been that surprised when I went down to Mornington Peninsula with Mirror for some recent shows and found golf courses and golfers everywhere..

Beautiful golf courses- long and hard golf courses and even though we’re an hour from Melbourne-golf courses full of tough- bugger the weather – die hard golfers.

Now I’m originally from NZ and over there if you’re a fair weather golfer- you don’t play a lot of golf. But to see some of the ‘ Vic Veterans’ turn up in the middle of winter with so many clothes on they can barely move let alone swing a golf club is inspiring.  We played Moonah Links – Legends and Open, The Dunes and a few holes on The National but we only scratched the surface. We literally could have spent another 2 weeks down there playing a different course every day and because there are so many courses several of them work really hard to attract the golfer’s dollar. Some amazing deals. Deals you won’t find anywhere else. Plus there’s a lot more to do down there than just play golf. Wineries, Hot Springs, beautiful restaurants- seaside walks – fishing – surfing.

So if it’s a family holiday with lots of golf with ‘ease the guilt’ afternoon excursions. Take a look at Mornington Peninsula- although summer might be the best bet. That’s an ill wind that slides off that Southern Ocean in the winter.

To watch our full episode of the Mornington Peninsula Golf Travel Show click here.

Shaun “Fade” Fay

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