Golf Getaway Golf Travel Special – Fiji

By May 27, 2016Blog, Golf

In this week’s episode of Golf Getaway I am in paradise – in Fiji.

They say that Fiji is where happiness finds you and I can certainly vouch for that after spending an amazing two weeks there.

Over the next 5 weeks I am very excited to show you what an amazing place Fiji is for it’s golf, it’s people, it’s culture, it’s scenery, it’s weather and it’s incredible tourist attractions, resorts and islands. In this week’s Episode:

I’m joined by:

  • One of Australia’s most popular and successful professional golfers – Andre Stolz as he and I snorkel with Manta Rays, play some golf and he teaches me how to hit out of the world’s most beautiful water hazard.

I am also joined by:

  • The Voice of Australian Rugby – Gordon Bray shows me his favourite par 3 in the entire world and I must say it is now one of mine!


  • Stolzy and I go on an amazing Sunset Cruise, Sea Planing and he re-inacts Phil Mickelson’s famous balcony shot at the recent Ridgewood Country Club during the Fed Ex Cup.

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Until next episode

To the green in regulation!

Andrew “Mirror” McCombe

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