Are the Pros really better than Amateurs?

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Feb 2013 and Mirror and Fade we’re ‘official media’ at the NZ PGA. We were there for the week of the tournament and 3 other programmes for our TV show on One, which we are frantically editing as we speak. and Michael Hendry winning NZPGA Championship 2013

While we weren’t the ‘official’ media we did have access ‘all areas’ and found ourselves on the 18th as Scott Strange and Michael Hendry pared the last to be both 19 under. Back they went to the tee for sudden death. The crowd grew and tension really started to build. Both had great drives with Scott over by the “Wolves” an amazing sculpture. Find out more here

And Michael was in the middle. Scott short just off the green but hit a brilliant chip which stops 3 feet away. Michael on in 2 but a 20 foot downhill putt. By now it was really tense and with the locals backing the Kiwi against the Aussie – you could hear a pin drop. Michael calm as a cucumber dropped the putt and banked $99,000. Big cheers- huge sense of relief.

Being so close with Ant our camera guy it made me wonder just how good these guys are? Scott was obviously in trouble but he walked up to the green, hands in pocket, chatting to his caddy and nailed a brilliant recovery shot. Michael knows he needs the putt but is relaxed and calm and ends up sinking a brave 20 footer that doubles his purse.

Crikey I struggle on Saturday Morning with no one watching and a lousy dollar up for grabs.

The ability of top golfers to make the shots at such vital times never fails to amaze me and while you can watch it on TV and be amazed it’s not till your ‘greenside’ that you realise how good these guys are.

Make sure you catch a tournament sometime this year. You’ll love it.

To watch our full episode from the NZ PGA click here.

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