6 Golf Courses in 6 Days – Our adventure on the Golf Coast!

By December 4, 2012Latest News

Mirror McCombe and Fade Fay at the Glades.

We’re back. Our biggest project to date the Gold Coast is now on target for a pre-Christmas release. But it hasn’t been easy.

To really give the Golf Getaway website some solid content we decided to head to the Golf Coast- sorry Gold Coast for a couple of weeks. Unlike Mirror, I haven’t played there that much and was simply blown away by the quality of courses. Sure most of them are resort courses- think wide fairways and big greens but they’re also long and like any game of golf, you have to find the hole at some stage.

Our plan was to go up before the crew got there ie Rob, play the courses the first week and then film the second. Our 6 courses were the two at Sanctuary Cove- The Pines and The Palms, Hope Island, Lakelands, Royal Pines -27 holes and The Glades.

All went according to plan although our golf the first week could have been better. Often when we play the course before we film we get distracted- too busy thinking about shots and people. It’s a problem we both recognise and intend to do something about on our next trip.

Golf on the Gold Coast is internationally recognised and applauded – we’re talking courses designed by some of the world’s leading golf personalities- including Jack Nicholas, Arnold Palmer, Greg Norman, Ross Watson. Built in the 80’s when the money was flowing, these are without doubt some of the finest golf courses I have played on. Birdlife, wildlife, flora, fauna, waterways, stunning homes, luxury cruisers- these golf precincts literally have it all.

Of course like any trip it’s not till it’s over that you look back on highlights and there were many- including a trip up to a world heritage rain forest at Springbrook in the Gold Coast hinterland. We shot this as part of our TV pilot which we are pitching to selected travel channels. Some of the locations up there are simply breathtaking yet remain a secret to many Queenslanders.

Back in Sydney we are now working hard on getting all our footage cut and posted in time for Christmas. It’s a huge job as we hope to have over 80 videos in total to share including country superstar Adam Brand’s song for a wayward ball and the day the Gold Coast meter maids played a celebrity hole in high heels.

The photo above is from our last day and one of the most beautiful golf courses you could ever play. The Glades is full of water and wildlife with greens and fairways that are simply divine. If you ever get a chance to play there-take it, you will not be disappointed.

To watch the full episodes click on the following links: The Pines, The Palms, Lakelands, Hope Island, Royal Pines and The Glades.

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